Organic Sansovina Made with Tuscan tomatoes, sautéed onion, and basil leaf. Using this sauce with Cipriani pasta is the best way to replicate the taste of Cipriani restaurants at home. The organic cultivation of the ingredients is based on crop rotation; prevention against pests through the choice of the varieties, sowing and cultivation techniques; mechanical tillage of the soil to avoid the invasion of weeds; constant maintenance of humus, and fertilizing the soil naturally.

Organic Pesto Made with 100% Tuscan basil and extra-virgin olive oil, this full-flavored pesto is delicious with pasta, meats, and crostini. The basil is processed in the shortest possible time, in order to maintain all the aroma and taste of the freshly picked leaves. The absence of garlic and cheese among the ingredients makes the pesto more digestible.

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